“Tourism is often touted as a ‘saviour’ and there are many instances where tourism has provided jobs, increased pride and rescued failing regional communities” Beeton1.

NSW remains the number one destination for visitors in Australia2. NSW received 30.8 million visitors who stayed 169.4 million nights and spent $23.6 billion2. In our region (considered to be Capital Country) domestic day visitors alone spent $245 million3. There has also been a significant increase in tourism in NSW in the past few years3. With these figures in our own region, it is time that we tap into it.

With several businesses having closed in recent years in Captains Flat and no businesses in Hoskinstown, the rail trail could be the saviour the region needs. There is likely going to be the need for cafes along the trail, more accommodation and perhaps even a souvenir shop. Other services that will probably be needed are bicycle shops and shuttle services for those who do not want to ride the full trail.


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